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CU Book Access, CU Boulder’s equitable access course materials program, provides degree-seeking undergraduate students access to all of their required course materials before the first day of class for a flat-rate price.

The cost of the program for the 2024-25 academic year will be $269 (plus tax) per semester, fall and spring.

Materials in this program are provided in a digital first format on or before the first day of class via Canvas, CU Boulder’s online learning platform. Should a particular class require print materials, students will receive an email letting them know they have a pick up at the CU Book Store or this information can be found on their My Course Materials tab in Canvas.

Below and on the pages within this site, you can read about the benefits of this program, learn how the program works, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Program Benefits


The CU Book Access program sets the $269 (plus tax) flat rate for course materials upfront giving undergraduate students a predictable cost that won’t fluctuate with the market.The program gives all undergraduate students access to their required textbooks and coursepacks for one low cost no matter what their course of study.


Students will no longer have to stress about course materials during the busy start of the semester. Required digital course materials will automatically be available within their Canvas account by the first day of class. This means students can focus on finalizing their schedule and getting settled without the added stress of evaluating textbook prices and worrying about how they will obtain their textbooks.

Academic Success

Students are free to explore their academic interests without having to weigh the costs of the associated course materials. Once enrolled in a course, students have access to their materials on their first day of class which means they can start studying right away. The digital format provides an accessible, easy-to-use navigation with enhanced functionality to help students collaborate and study.


Most textbooks and coursepacks in the CU Book Access program are provided in a digital format which will eliminate thousands of textbooks from being printed and shipped from publishers to our campus each semester.

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How it Works

By the first day of classes, undergraduate students can easily access and start using their required course materials by logging into their Canvas account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program makes acquiring course materials easier but the process is new. Please review the list of FAQs for additional details on the program.

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Get Help

Need help? View a list of contacts and resources. For general questions, comments and feedback contact: assist@cubookstore.com.

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