Faculty Information

Textbooks/Course Materials

The CU Book Store maintains the required database of information on all course materials including OER and "no text required." You will receive a personalized link from us once your department has submitted its course schedule to the Registrar.

Course Material Compliance

Timely course material information is critical to provide financial transparency to students and to prevent unexpected expenses. It is required for the university to maintain compliance with federal and state requirements.

Campus Publishing

Work with Campus Publishing to create your own custom course materials.

Course Materials Deadlines

Campus policy requires faculty to inform the CU Book Store of all their course materials requirements including OER and "no text required" by the following approximate due dates each term:

Fall Term- Due by April 1st

Spring Term - Due by October 1st

Summer and Maymester Terms - Due by March 7th

Please note: Late course information increases the risk the materials will not be available on the first day of class.

We Are Here to Help

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CU Book Access

CU Book Access, CU Boulder’s equitable access course materials program, provides degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolled in access to all of their required course materials before the first day of class for a flat-rate price.

The cost of the program for the 2024-25 academic year will be $269 (plus tax) each fall and spring semester.

Materials in this program are provided in a digital first format on or before the first day of class via Canvas, CU Boulder’s online learning platform. Should a particular class require print materials, students will receive an email letting them know they have a pick up at the CU Book Store or this information can be found on their My Course Materials tab in Canvas.

If a student chooses to opt-out of the CU Book Access program, they may still purchase their course materials on a material-by-material basis. For digital materials they will order in Canvas, print materials may be ordered from the CU Book Store.

You can read about the benefits of this program, learn how the program works, view the faculty guide, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Course Material Answers for Faculty

Why do I need to submit my textbook / course material information so early?

The Higher Education Opportunity Act gives students the legal right to this information at the time they register for classes. The university also needs this information to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Early and on-time textbook/course material information also helps save student money. 

What if I have to submit information after the deadlines?

Our deadlines are recommendations. We are here to help you and the students any way we can and will do so regardless of when you provide us with your course materials information.

How do I submit my course material information?

Information should be submitted through our online textbook information collection system. If you are teaching a course and you are registered in the CU information system, you should receive an email with a link from us automatically. You can also click here: https://manager.redshelf.com

What if I require non-text items such as supplies or software?

Please list them in the notes section and our staff will contact you.

Why should I use the campus bookstore?

The CU Book Store is here to assist the faculty, students, and staff at CU Boulder. We maintain the required database of information on all course materials including OER and “no text required.” Campus policy requires faculty and departments to identify what books and other course materials are required for their classes (or specify that a class will have no required materials) and submit this information to the CU Book Store.