How much cash is your textbook worth? - We will buy it no matter where you bought it

Note: Please be aware that prices change in real time. The actual purchase price will be established when you present the book at one of our sellback locations. You must be on a campus network to access the ISBN lookup

What determines which books are being bought back and how much cash you’ll receive for them?

  • Whether or not the book is being used on campus next term
  • If YES: The CU Book Store pays the highest prices for those books that are being used the following semester. In some cases, we will pay as much as 60% of the new price.
  • If NO: Do not assume your book has little value. We examine every sold title every semester and try to buy that title back for as much money as we can based on market conditions. Additionally, we have a national wholesaler come in during sellback week and they pay up to 35% of new based on those same conditions.
  • The condition of the book
  • Whether or not there is a new edition of the book
  • Course enrollment numbers
  • CU Book Store does buy loose-leaf textbooks if the book is being used next semester
  • Whether or not the book has all of its pieces (CDs, kit, etc., if applicable) *Missing items may mean less money

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