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CU Book Access Info

CU Book Access, CU Boulder’s equitable access course materials program, provides degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolled in access to all of their required course materials before the first day of class for a flat-rate price.

The cost of the program for the 2024-25 academic year will be $269 (plus tax) each fall and spring semester.

Materials in this program are provided in a digital first format on or before the first day of class via Canvas, CU Boulder’s online learning platform. Should a particular class require print materials, students will receive an email letting them know they have a pick up at the CU Book Store or this information can be found on their My Course Materials tab in Canvas.

All undergraduate students are automatically opted into the program. Any students who wish to opt out must do so by the deadline to drop a course without penalty. Learn more about the program benefits, how it works, and find answers to frequently asked questions, at

If you choose to opt out of the CU Book Access program, you may still purchase your course materials on a material-by-material basis. For digital materials you will order in Canvas, print materials may be ordered from the CU Book Store

Student Tuition and Fee Bill

The CU Book Store is the only store where you can charge your purchases to your tuition and fee bill! Students may charge their textbooks, school supplies and technology purchases to their student tuition and fee bill! See store for complete details and visit our tuition and fee bill page for more information.

Technology Educational Discounts

As an educational retailer, the CU Book Store saves students hundreds of dollars on software and offers educational pricing on computers. We offer educational discounts on AppleDell, and Lenovo computers. This special pricing is available only to currently enrolled students. The CU Book Store partners with academic departments to carry the technology recommended by your degree program. Find out how we can save you money on computers and accessories.

Textbook Sellback

If you received printed textbooks as part of the CU Book Access program or if you purchased one from the CU Book Store or other retailer, you have the opportunity to sell it back. More information can be found on the sellback page.

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